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Kristine Bridges 254.710.8537 The decision was made in consultation with our ITS Student Advisory Group, the Student Senate, focus groups and senior administration. The desire of many graduates to be identified as alumni in the Baylor email, to keep their original usernames, and to have a larger quota was carefully considered. ITS also had to take into account the technical concerns, licensing costs and resource constraints associated with the provision of this service. A high priority was to provide Baylor alumni with an enhanced messaging benefit while maintaining a college affiliation. Baylor has been providing email accounts to alumni for many years and we plan to continue to do so. However, we believe that the new hosted alumni accounts will offer many benefits to our alumni, including a much larger quota and continued access to features that students have enjoyed. Alumni accounts are set up one or two semesters before graduation so that students can submit their contact information to the alumni address. The new address is similar to that of a standard Baylor student email account: Alumni emails can be accessed by through the web or the Outlook email client. The service includes familiar Outlook features such as calendar, contacts, and offers 50GB of email storage. Jenny Branson 254.710.4842 Visit for 24/7 real-time updates on the state of technology systems at Baylor.

Baylor students receive an Outlook-based alumni email account as they progress to college. This email account (for example, allows alumni to continue to represent their affiliation with Baylor after graduation. This is a brand new email account, which means that messages with a student`s email account won`t appear in their alumnus email account. Click here to learn more about Baylor Alumni email accounts For more questions about Outlook or your Baylor email address, visit the Baylor ITS Knowledge Base or contact HelpDesk+ at (254) 710-4357. Email is always an integral part of communication. Baylor University uses Microsoft Office 365 for email services. Each member of the Baylor community will receive a Baylor email address. This address (e.g. serves as an official communication channel for the university.

All students, staff, and faculty should monitor their Baylor Outlook-based email account. You can access your Baylor email account Apple iPhone and iPad This page contains setup instructions for email and wireless networks on Apple iPhone devices. Android phones This page contains setup instructions for emails on Android devices. Although you have access to your Baylor student and Baylor alumni email accounts, you must migrate all the emails you want to keep. Messages can be easily moved by sending the email from their student account to their alumni email account. You will need to set a new password when you first log in to the system, but you can change your password at any time in the new email system of the old ones. Here`s how to make this change: Outlook 365 is Microsoft`s cloud-based email service and is used by Baylor as an email platform. Barbara Lindsay 254.710.8357 NOTE: The following instructions may not apply 100% to your device.

Support is provided ONLY for setting up e-mail and internet connection. If you have any other problems with your device, you should contact your mobile operator. Baylor Student Email Accounts (p. e.g., remain active for a full semester after graduation or on the last day of attendance. Before deactivating their student email account, several notifications are sent to each student. Jerri Cunningham 254-710-1911 Brandon Quarles 254-710-4916 Here are some resources that can help you set up your email. To access your account, follow these Microsoft Outlook quickstarts to start using Outlook with your Baylor email account. Also, here are instructions on how to set up Outlook and use some of its basic features, as well as some pro tips on how to manage your Baylor email account. Here are frequently asked questions by users about Outlook at Baylor.

Use of an email address provided by Baylor University is subject to the terms of the Technology Policy. These accounts are also subject to the Microsoft Code of Conduct. This benefit and alumni email process may be subject to reassessment, modification and termination by the University in its sole discretion in the future. It`s easy to stay safe online! Be #BearAware by reporting «phished» messages to and then deleting them. Below are several options to configure your mobile device to connect to our wireless network and email servers. Alumni email accounts are created during the Fall and Spring semesters for current students who have completed the following unit numbers. When you receive your Baylor Alumni email account, we recommend that you add your mobile phone number so that you can reset your password if necessary. Call support at (254) 710-4357 to add your mobile phone number to your Baylor Alumni email account. Baylor provides alumni with an email account that allows them to continue viewing their Baylor affiliation through their email address. Are you looking for technical support, cash register equipment, audio/video production, 3D printing, or other resources from the manufacturer? Start your support journey here. It`s easy to stay safe online! Be #BearAware and use passphrases longer than 12 characters instead of a simple password.

It`s easy to stay safe online! Be #BearAware using the 3-2-1 backup rule: 3 copies of data on 2 different media types (local and external drive) and 1 copy to an offsite location (the cloud). It`s easy to stay safe online! Be #BearAware during National Cyber Security Awareness Month by using multi-factor authentication to make sure your accounts are secure. It`s easy to stay safe online! Be #BearAware by updating your operating system and applications when you are notified. HelpDesk+ provides world-class technology support and equipment that enables research and learning at Baylor. We also consult with researchers, departments and administrative units to find technological solutions that meet various requirements. Box offers a growing suite of collaboration tools that enable teams to create ideas, develop and edit files, and manage projects. Zoom provides a robust remote communication and collaboration platform to support virtual teaching, team meetings, webinars, and other online events. LinkedIn Learning offers more than 16,000 courses on a variety of topics to help Baylor students, staff, and faculty continue to grow. It`s easy to stay safe online! Be #BearAware by avoiding the use of online debit cards and not allowing websites to store your card information in case the company experiences a data breach. It`s easy to stay safe online! Be #BearAware about the messages you receive with links.

If you have any doubts, open the app or go directly to the website. For more information on missions and public life programmes, initiatives and events, please provide your contact details below. Visit our HELPDESK on the 3rd floor of the library so that a HELPDESK technician can help you. You can be contacted at 254.710.4695. It`s easy to stay safe online! Be #BearAware and protect yourself and your data when browsing a public Wi-Fi network. It`s easy to stay safe online! Be #BearAware and search for apps before you download them. Classification or affiliation Please select. Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Graduate/Professional Student Faculty Staff Supporter Are you looking for software, hardware or other technical solutions to enable your research or operations? Learn more about our technology consulting. Baylor faculty and staff may request mailing lists for organizations and other academic or institutional purposes. Before you request an Outlook-based mailing list, consider using other alternative platforms. If a mailing list is your best option, please fill out this online application form.

It`s easy to stay safe online! Be #BearAware and cover the cameras on your devices to protect your privacy. Microsoft 365 offers a growing suite of productivity solutions that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, Outlook, and more. Information Technology Services supports Baylor University by providing and supporting technology solutions for faculty, staff, and students. Watch real-time system status updates, learn more about our company and its consulting services, and access HelpDesk+ for software and hardware support.