Board Resolution Format for Appointment of Legal Advisor

This template is an example of a document that contains the details of the lawyer to be appointed for the company to be signed by the board of directors. The purpose of a board resolution is to deal with a specific matter on which the board must decide. It is a way to document a written decision made by the board of directors or shareholders of a company on behalf of the company. This special resolution of the Board of Directors deals with the appointment of a lawyer. Other templates for board resolutions can be found here BOARD RESOLUTION OF [NAME OF YOUR COMPANY] TO HIRE A LAWYER for their general legal needs appoints the law firm [NAME] as general counsel; Such appointment shall continue to be made under the conditions set out in the proposed terms of engagement annexed to this Agreement or at such generally applicable rates as usually received by such lawyer or firm. Contributing to a legal or commercial form and networking with thousands of potential customers, companies and professionals AS A WITNESS TO IT, I have affixed my name as secretary of ___ Corporation and attached the seal of __ The undersigned, __________________________Â_____ In a world of downsizing, automation, and business process outsourcing, a job for life is something my dad talked about. Large corporations, governments and the NGO sector around the world are losing jobs, leading to crushing poverty, extremism and social unrest. Keyword research (for example, «purchase agreement») Advanced search.