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However, any person who uses an illegal TV BOX or IPTV commits the offence of piracy provided for in article 184 of the Penal Code. Unauthorized access to subscription TV channels in Brazil is commonly referred to as «Gatonet». An estimated 33 million Brazilians today consume content for this practice, which is considered totally illegal. The siege of piracy has increased. Since the beginning of 2020, anatel`s anti-piracy action plan has resulted in the seizure of 2.7 million pirated copies, of which 851 to 000 TVs are packaged. «We have fought the false impression of legality, whether through awareness campaigns or repression,» says Eduardo Carneiro, coordinator of the fight against piracy at Ancine. In the past, there has been the romantic view that piracy is a©©kind of Robin Hood that kidnaps the rich to give to the poor, but it is a no-go of organized crime. Examples include Google TV, Xiaomi, Fire TV, Apple TV and others that own the rights to the licensed content licensed and authorized by copyright officials. Those who illegally sell and sell devices can be involved in crimes against intellectual property, whose penalty, in addition to paying the fine, reaches a prison sentence of 3 months to a year. According to the Coordinator for the Fight against Piracy of the National Film Agency (Ancine), the possession of a television box, the most well-known models of which are BTV and HTV, will not be considered illegal as long as the equipment has been approved by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel). Plus, BTV is cool when used as a regular TV rather than a smart TV. To get an idea of the strength of the «gatonet,» a mapping by the agency pointed out that about 800,000 types of televisions infringe copyright in Brazil. If the theme is TV BOX or IPTV connections, gadgets that give access to closed TV channels, you should be careful and not be tempted.

What many people don`t know is that some of these tools are illegal and work like real hacks. In short, they provide unlicensed signals from the original producers of companies that are the moral owners of their own content and, therefore, of the economic rights obtained through transmissions. The devices capture TV signals over the Internet and not via satellites, as legalized companies do. It is not uncommon to meet someone who has the popular «Gatonet», the nickname given to access without permission from pay TV channels in Brazil. An estimated 33 million Brazilians (or 27.2% of Internet users over the age of 16) consume content from devices that release the signal from pay channels, which is illegal. There are many people who think they are too smart and try to access closed TV signals for free without worrying about the consequences. The market for illegal electronic devices offers ways to make this possible, but beware, the evil ones can suffer crimes. Let`s explain why.

The information is included in the latest survey commissioned by the Brazilian Pay-TV Association (ABTA), which was formed by the country`s leading operators and pay-TV program. Watch how this practice works and whether BTV is legal in Brazil or not! The answer is no, as long as they are allowed by law. Examples include Google TV, Xiaomi, Fire TV, Apple TV and others that own the rights to the licensed content authorized by copyright authorities. In the vernacular, making a cat – or Gambiarra – ©means stealing electrical energy with a secret connection. It comes from the term «gatonet», which is used to define illegal access to pay-TV channels. Initially, the practice was summed up in the installation of antennas and parallel decoders, a form found by the population to have access to the content of televisions by subscription at a much more affordable price. Piracy has developed to the same point as the habit of stopping in front of one or more screens in search of entertainment. In the age of streaming and on-demand services, chat surfed the waves of the Internet and reached noble neighborhoods. The new fever is the so-called box TVs, which offer a virtually unlimited card. In general, the monthly fee for any of these devices is low, around R$25.

The cost is much lower than the plans offered by legal operators. In addition, the hacked devices also promise access to 80,000 TV and radio channels from around the world to attract interested parties to this world. Dito isso, quem utiliza uma BOX TV ou IPTV ilegal está cometendo o crime de pirataria, previsto no art. 184 do Código Penal. The practice of free access to closed television signals may constitute a criminal offence. Thanks to electronic devices, many people resort to illegal means, for example to view a certain type of content. And that can have consequences. No ano passado, foram cumpridos 25 mandados judiciais de busca e apreensão e bloqueados ou suspensos 252 sites e 65 aplicativos de streaming ilegal.

A estimativa é que mais de 26 milhões de usuários tenham sido impactados. In short, they provide unlicensed signals from the original producers of companies that are the moral owners of their own content and, therefore, the economic rights acquired with the transmissions. Devices capture TV signals over the Internet and not via satellites, as legal companies do. Vamos admitir uma cidade como São Paulo, onde as conexões de TV devem atingir níveis altíssimos, coisa de milhões. The temptation to have free access to pay-TV services is pervasive. Also in São Paulo, Santa Iphigenia Street, in the center of the city, is an electronics paradise. There is everything in this sector. From legal to illegal. Eduardo Carneiro, anti-piracy coordinator of Ancine (National Film Agency), explains that a TV box in itself is not illegal as long as the device has been approved by Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency) and is only used to turn an ordinary TV into a smart TV.

But a mapping conducted by the agency shows that there are more than 800 types of illegal TVs in Brazil that infringe copyright. In short, these devices capture television signals over the Internet and not via satellites used by legally organized operators. In this case, subscribers pay for the service. A good example of IPTV is Netflix, the streaming giant. The TV box, a device that bears this name because it has a box format©, is not illegal in itself. Once connected to the internet, the device is© able to turn an ordinary TV into a smart TV that gives access to streaming channels and platforms. Among the options approved by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) there are models from Apple, Xiaomi and carriers, but there are not those that have given the authorities a headache. The darling of hackers is© BTV, a receiver that gives access to a list of IPTV (Internet TV Signal Transmission System) with more than 300 Brazilian and foreign channels, some in 4K and HD, in addition to thousands of videos©, ©movies (including the recã m-Â-LanÇades) and gaming platforms©. Now, an important question.

Are all TV box or IPTV connections illegal? The answer is no, as long as they are allowed by law. Want examples? This is the case of Google TV, Apple TV, Xiaomi, Fire TV and others where the content has been authorized and authorized by the copyright holders. Subscribers pay for this service. Netflix is a good example of absolutely cool IPTV. So don`t fall into temptation. It may be that many of these BOX-TV and IPTV are real illegal Gambiarras that provide signals that were not authorized by the original producers, who are the holders of moral rights (the authors of the content), economic rights (those who paid for the use of the content). Those who make this type of illegal transmission and distribution via BOX TV and IPTV commit illegal piracy. And piracy is a crime. Researchers have discovered that the hackers are using an image taken by the young James Webb telescope. The Brazilian government may have been the victim of a hacker attack involving 3 TB of stolen internal information. In addition, signs of secret equipment can disrupt cellular networks and even air traffic.

Read more: FuteGoal Football: The app to watch the matches live is reliable? The good news is that, especially in the ports, thanks to the work of police investigations, they have not entered the country as often as before. See also: Is the Filmezando app safe? Is the platform to watch movies and series in HD reliable? The act of hacking television signals is a crime that violates copyright. Therefore, those who sell this type of device or provide an IPTV signal without paying for the owner can be arrested in case of a complaint for inappropriate practice.