Caboolture Community Legal Centre

Since 1986, we have empowered people to understand and resolve their legal problems. We are passionate about providing the community with legal education in the community. The CFMS offers free mediation to people who are separated and disadvantaged in accessing the legal system. An evaluation procedure takes place to determine the suitability and suitability for mediation. Young people often do not receive legal advice because they do not know what legal services are available to them. Written legal information, self-help kits and fact sheets are available on the Queensland Law Handbook website. We may refer you to another service if there is a better option to help you. Please bring all your documents with you to your appointment. Contact us at 07 3372 7677 to make an appointment for legal advice. Our vision is to help build a culturally safe, just and inclusive society that values differences and diversity by providing free legal services, assistance and education to people in the Bayside community who are disadvantaged or otherwise at risk. Pine Rivers Community Legal Service (PRRS) is expanding its municipal legal services further north in the Moreton Bay area effective July 1, 2021. The legal department has limited resources that may limit the services provided.

There are certain areas of law that we cannot cover and, in these cases, references are made to the extent possible. Our main activities are the provision of legal advice, information and recommendations. We rely heavily on our more than 80 volunteers, who are made up of students, lawyers and mediators. Bayside Community Legal would not be able to provide legal assistance to the Bayside community without his hard work and dedication. Pine Rivers Community Legal Is available to provide free legal training on a variety of legal topics to community groups and organizations. This conference explores the importance of justice and provides young people with practical information about free legal advice services in their community. It also examines some myths and facts and do`s and don`ts in dealing with the police. Outside of our Thursday evening inspection service, all appointments must be made by phone at 07 3881 3500 or during opening hours in our center. Access to Justice, Community Connection and Participation Bayside Community Legal Service Inc. is a registered community organization founded in 1992.

We are a nationally accredited legal centre. Volunteer as a lawyer or law student at Caxton or make a tax-deductible donation. The lawyer was very professional and compassionate towards my tenacity The Legal Service regularly participates in law reform activities. We do this based on our clients` current needs and our principles of social justice. This can be done by submitting before legislative amendments. Pine Rivers Community Legal Service and Legal Aid QLD – Part 1 of Youth Chat – Access to Justice and Police tincidunt, neque leo facilisis augue, ut consequat sem libero sit amet ante. Dans dapibus at massa ac mollis. Aenean sit amet orci et magna molestie dapibus. Curabitur consequat enim id diam aliquam vehicula. If you have any questions about this service, please feel free to contact us via the following details: This presentation will also give an overview of the processes and laws related to lease law that are important for young people as they transition to independent living. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

In eget ex eu odio luctus accumsan a eget turpis. Nam mollis lacinia convallis. Sed hendrerit velit id massa imperdiet, et viverra leo tristique. Integer rhoncus, nunc and tempor We may be able to help you create a permanent power of attorney. If you would like an appointment for this, please note that we ask you to bring a letter from your GP confirming that you are able to understand what sustainable power is. Mediation services are available for financial and real estate settlements and only for children`s matters. Please make an appointment to learn more or discuss your needs. * Please note that this walk-in service is not operational during school holidays and holidays from December to January and holidays In the digital age, it is easy that images and information can be disseminated quickly using technologies such as our smartphones.

However, sexting and «revenge» can be serious crimes, and it is important that young people understand the law and its consequences. Legal advice appointments are available in person and by phone. Call 3881 3500 to make an appointment at one of the following locations. We may be able to help you create or review your draft of the above documents. For consent to ownership orders, you need a small real estate pool and no participating companies or trusts. For more information, please call 3881-3500 or email *protected email* Family Law: Parental Plans, Parental Consent Court Orders, and Ownership Consent Orders The service has state resources and an assessment process is in place. We can email you our pre-admission assessment form, or you can call us at 3881 3500 for a pre-admission exam. If you have a phone appointment, please send all relevant documents prior to your appointment by email to *protected email* with your name and appointment time in the subject line. We are located at Wynnum Community Centre Level 1, 105 Florence St, Wynnum. To make an appointment, call (07) 3162 32 82 or send an e-mail to